Child Support Debt Collections

Updated: Oct 17

This article I found underscores an important fact about child support. It is a liability that survives even bankruptcy.

A 74-year-old woman in California was granted $150,000 in back child support and fees for her ex-husband’s unpaid support obligation that had been outstanding for 50 years!.  Child support awarded is unlike other money judgment in that there is no statute of limitations for collections of back child support.  What does this mean?  If you are owed support, there is no deadline you need to meet in order to preserve your rights to collect delinquent, unpaid child support.

Though you may have child support owed to you, the task of collecting the money can be a very difficult task.  If you have back child support you are owed, you should contact an experienced family law attorney to discuss your specific situation and what your options may be.

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