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Married and Divorced When Young

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Are you in your 20s and divorced or considering divorce? There are multiple issues to deal with when you are young such as the being a single parent to young children,and the financial hardship. I found a helpful article with some tips on how to make decisions a little easier and hopefully more bearable.

1. Let go of the thought that just because your marriage didn’t succeed that you are a failure. Many people think of themselves as being a failure when their marriage fails, but that’s just not true.

2. Don’t buy into gossip. People will talk and speculate about what went wrong, but accept the fact that people (including family and friends) are going to talk about your situation. Don’t let gossip make you feel bad or stress.

3. Learn how to deal with hurtful comments and unsolicited advice. As soon as word of your divorce gets out, you will be subjected to comments and advice from everyone. Just remember not all advice is useful and not all comments are complimentary. The article gives the example of coming up with a standard response to certain situations.

4. Protect yourself legally. You have legal rights and obligations. It’s important to attain legal advice early in the process, from a Family Law attorney.

5. Get your finances in order and plan for the future. You will be dealing with life as a single person and have to be solely responsible for your own well being.

6. Stop packing emotional luggage. In an attempt to quickly reestablish a social life. Many young divorcees engage in inappropriate behavior, such as: excessive drinking, promiscuity, and overspending. Avoid temptation to engage in self destructive behavior.

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