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Retirement Older Couples and Divorce

Updated: Oct 17

Retirement Older Couples and Divorce

A recent trend according to an article is couples who are initiating a divorce later in life. It appears that feminism is striking women to file for divorce later in life to save their emotional health.

While I believe divorce is appropriate at any age when a party is truly unhappy, it makes no sense to stay in an unhealthy relationship. I understand this is a very personal decision and each person must weigh the costs and benefits of this decision.

According to the news story, divorce later in life brings about a lower standard of living. The parties have to now support two households and split retirement funds and rely on their own ability to support themselves. It's in effect going back to square one with their finances. The decision should not be taken lightly, but when your emotional health is at stake, in my opinion, no amount of money is worth mental happiness.

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