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Christian Divorce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I came across a good article about practicing law with a spiritual basis. According to the story, a family lawyer in North Carolina started out practicing lawyering the traditional way which we are all taught to do. The client comes to you and asks you to achieve their objectives as much as possible. With this method the lawyer in the story was able to build a thriving law practice. Unfortunately, for the lawyer he felt unfulfilled practicing law the traditional way. The lawyer decided to go to seminary school and upon graduation started practicing law in a way that coincided with his world view. That meant for him trying to keep marriages together, counseling couples to work it out for the sake of the children.

I believe the law practice requires a personal touch. Whenever possible a lawyer should distinguish himself from his peers by practicing the way they feel best. While I do not share that lawyers views of practicing with a Christian perspective, I respect his desire to do so, and what appears to be a genuine need for that type of lawyer. I try to practice by avoiding conflict when allowed, and attempting reconciliation of issues as quickly as possible. It is true that a highly contested case is more likely to bring in the revenue, it does not make for a truly satisfied client. A client who is able to save money and accomplish their goals, reasonably is a truly satisfied client. I am a San Jose Divorce Lawyer, practicing Family Law in the Santa Clara County.

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