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Different Approaches to Divorce in Santa Clara County

I recently found an article that briefly outlines a person’s choices when it comes to common approaches to divorce.

The new year brings about new changes to many people. With the idea of new changes, brings the idea that many people want to end their former marriages and start a fresh with a divorce. There are different options that different law firms may offer in terms of ending a marriage. The article presents 3 different strategies for couples to end their marriage. According to the article:

Mediation – A neutral party helps both spouses reach agreements on issues related to the divorce. The mediator doesn’t represent the Petitioner or the Respondent. A mediator’s focus is to provide you with information on the law. If the mediation proves successful the parties do not need to go to court.

Collaboration – This process is for those that are interested in a more private divorce outside of the eyes of the public. All filings in the court house become part of the public record. According to the article in collaboration, both parties agree not to go to court and to settle all issues related to their divorce outside of court. This method differs from mediation in several ways, but the most notable point is that both parties are represented by attorneys who are working for their best interests.

Litigation – This is what many people think of when they think of getting a divorce. Both parties lawyering up and fighting each other to the death in a court room. This is probably the hardest of the decisions, but sometimes there really is no other choice. In this strategy, both parties have an attorney, motions are filed, and court hearings are held to reach decisions in a case. This can be more costly than the other methods as litigation requires more time and resources. Also, the parties have less say regarding how issues in the divorce are handled because they will be settled by a judge.

Litigation however, is not a losing process. Sometimes it is the only effective way to handle a divorce, and can end up being the most cost effective as both parties realize the costs and quickly reach a settlement. The litigation process affords the parties many opportunities to reach settlement along the way, so the entire process is not completely out of the parties hands.

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