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Divorce in Ireland - Not so easy.

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

For as much as people complain about how slow the bureaucracy is here in the U.S. and how long a divorce proceeding takes, thank goodness we do not live in Ireland.

The International Herald Tribune is reporting that the Family Courts in Ireland are so inadequate that, some courts devote a mere 4 days a month to family court cases. Lawyers with clients in tow, may wait an entire day without being heard. Can you imagine the legal bill for that?

Another reason to be thankful we are here in the California. Santa Clara County Family Court can be over crowded and extremely busy, but when you have a court date, you will be heard.

The problem it seems with Ireland is that their archaic system rooted in Catholicism, did not anticipate the need for the divorce courts, because divorce is not acceptable under Catholicism. The law in Ireland apparently is that a couple must wait 4 years after they are separated before they may officially divorce. The 4 years is to make sure the couples really really want the divorce. This rule doesn’t take into account, the modern world, where the reality is people want out of a bad marriage, sooner not later.

As a result of their poor anticipation of the changing of their society Ireland needs more family courts and more relaxed laws to accomodate the change in society.

Thankfully as a Santa Clara County Divorce Lawyer, the wait here is not 4 years. However, there is a minimum of 6 months before a divorce may be finalized. 6 months or 4 years? I guess the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side, even in the emerald isles.

If you have any questions about Divorce, Separation, or Nullity, please contact my San Jose Family Law office today.

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