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Divorce Survival Tips

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

A very good story in the Chicago Tribune about Divorce Survival tips today. Here is the list of tips that the article cites. They are written by a counselor who counsels clients working through a divorce. No doubt divorce can be a traumatizing and emotionally devastating time in someone life. These tips can help you get through it as comfortable as possible:

--Talk about your problems with someone outside of work. --Compartmentalize. --Try to schedule your court dates convenient to your work schedule. --Give your employer adequate notice when you have to miss work. . --Don't communicate with your attorney during work, except in the event of an emergency. --Don't communicate with your soon-to-be former spouse during work, except in the event of an emergency. --Don't use the copier at work to copy litigation papers. --Don't inadvertently involve your employer in your litigation. --Don't use your office computer for personal use. . --Don't ask your employer to reduce your pay during a divorce for any reason. --Focus on work and your work priorities, but with a twist: Keep your focus short and intense. --Conserve your energy. --Make note of abuse.

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