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Fear of Commitment and Fear of Divorce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I found an interesting article on MSNBC regarding a concerned reader who loves her boyfriend but he won’t marry her because he is afraid of the divorce rate. It is true that divorce is at an all time high, but that does not mean that parties should not take the leap of marriage.

The Dr. stated that, the real issues to be concerned with are, does the boyfriend take commitment seriously. It is not realistic to expect every day of a marriage to be blissful, however is the partner ready to commit and hold on during the bad times. For a woman, there is added pressure because she biologically can not conceive naturally after a certain age. In the question, the reader states she has been dating her boyfriend for five years. Five years in the Dr’s opinion is plenty of time to determine if a couple is compatible or not. The Dr, states that there may be deeper issues at hand, namely the boyfriends inability to commit, she asks the woman to look at the boyfriends history. Does he lack commitment and follow through, does he give up on large purchases, does he not complete goals. All these should help the woman determine whether the boyfriend is a commitment type.

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