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For Custody Judges Now Consider Children's Preferences

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

It appears that the new idea of having children being listened to in family matters is becoming more common globally. In Israel as, is reporting. The family courts are taking into consideration children's feelings when deciding family law concerns.

The judges will take the time to listen to the children outside of the court room and outside of the judge's robe, to really listen to how the children feel about the situation.

Often times the children's thoughts can be a critical aspect of the decision making, but the danger lies wherein the children are pressured for one reason or another to fabricate a story, and turn against the other parent.

Unfortunately that is one of the dangers of allowing children more input into the family law decision making. However, ultimately I do not believe it hurts to listen to the children and get an impression of how they are feeling on an individual basis. Family law is never a exact science, it is often delicate and individualized to every body's unique situation.

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