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How do gay couples divorce

Updated: Oct 17

In Britain, despite the headlines surrounding the high profile celebrity divorce of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, there is another celebrity divorce taking place, Comedian Matt Lucas and his partner Kevin McGee. The BBC News is reporting that, they have filed for dissolution after a mere 22 months long.

While the laws for a same sex divorce are different from state to state and country to country, it appears that in Britain, like in California a gay divorce is quite similar to their opposite sex counter parts. The same issues need to be decided upon in the divorce, which are dividing up the assets, deciding upon custody for the children, and any support for the spouse and children.

The length of the marriage is always an important aspect in any divorce proceeding, in determining the level of a life that the parties have built together, such that support must be set to help a partner through the transition period.

I regularly help gay divorce and lesbian divorce couples in my san jose family law practice. If you have a santa clara county divorce law question, please consult with my office.

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