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Men's Divorce in California for Fathers

Updated: Oct 17

Mens Divorce in California for Fathers

If anyone recalls, Alec Baldwin speaking horrible things into a answering phone during his custody battle with actress Kim Basinger, one can see that a divorce litigation really brings out the worst in people. In an interesting story, there is a real need it appears for men going through divorce to band together and change the family law statutes in place today. Many fathers complain that the typical visitation schedule of only 4 days is simply not enough. While I don’t agree that there is anything as a typical visitation schedule, an alternating weekend schedule is common. But that is where creative lawyering and parents working together come into play to find the best schedule for their children.

I always inform my clients that the while I can not change the statutes, if they do not like the family laws then their job is to write to congress and write to their senators to change the laws. I can only do what is in my power and under the law allows. When a party litigates a case, often what happens is one person gets the short end of the stick, an unfortunate reality in divorce litigation. I have not seen the film yet, but I do think that any review of the law is a good thing, if not for the purpose of ensuring it is the best out there for the modern family. . I am a San Jose Divorce Lawyer, practicing Family Law in the Santa Clara County.

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