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More and More Courts Upholding Prenuptial Agreements

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The times of UK is reporting that, prenuptial agreements are being widely upheld.

Prenuptial agreements while previously thought of as encouraging divorce are now a days important documents that actually promote marriage because they help couples to get married who otherwise would wish to keep their lives seperate.

The ideal situation for a premarital agreement is typically an older couple that has already been married before and wishes to keept heir assets seperate for their individual children. While this situation is ideal, the classic prenup that people often hear about are a wealthy partner and a less than wealthy partner.

While it is important to protect the assets of the wealthy partner, these documents are scrutizined, so certain criteria must be met to ensure that they are upheld.

A San Jose Prenuptial Agreement Attorney can help draft and review your agreement. Please contact my Santa Clara County Family Law office if you have any questions about prenuptial agreements, or family law.

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