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Tips for a Friendly Cost Effective Divorce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Many couples who are choosing to end their marriage are doing so amicably. I read an article this last weekend which gives tips for a friendly divorce. In the article the couples because of their children make a choice to keep their relationship friendly to ease the stress for the children. Many couples ending their marriage on a friendlier note are those who have children. A benefit to a friendly divorce is that the couple will save time and money. And the children won’t need to suffer the consequences that come with parents who are constantly arguing during divorce negotiations.

Some of the couples in the article decided to go the route of mediation to make the divorce process less adversarial. The benefit of mediating was the lower cost for the parties in attorney fees. That is an ideal situation, however it’s not for everyone. Not every party is able to successfully mediate the divorce and remain on friendly terms. Often times, what one party wants and what another wants is vastly at odds with one another.

Most divorce cases still are handled in the traditional way, with lawyers on each side trying to get the best deal for their client, often through disagreements over custody, child support, and finances. Mediation is one type friendly divorce. Collaboration is another, in which both parties retain their own attorneys but also use experts and work together for a solution. A collaborative divorce involves more people, so it can cost more than a mediated divorce. Mediation has grown more popular over time and in California, mediation is mandatory for contested child custody and visitation.

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