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Tips to Keep your San Jose & Santa Clara County Divorce Affordable

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Being interested in providing high quality service at affordable rates, I am always interested when I see articles about cost controls in divorce. This article provides some good tips. I’ll touch on those I think are best.

Payment Plan. The article explains very well the most reasonable way in which you may be able to secure a payment plan with an attorney in divorce proceedings. Once an initial retainer (lump sum) is paid, many attorneys are willing to work with you regarding other costs. Many variables determine the cost of divorce, and it is understandable finances can be tight or confusing during this time. Rule of Thumb: good faith payments go a long way toward securing an attorney who will work with you, and offer payment options.

Paying with Marital Funds. When one person is the primary wage earner, or if there is a significant income gap, paying for an attorney can be daunting. The article discusses how assets in joint bank accounts can be used to pay for legal fees. Also, a judge may be able to order common property be sold in order to cover legal fees if there are inadequate funds to secure legal representation. In either case, advice of an attorney can help you decide what your options are, but be assured there are options!

Personal and/or Family Loans. When borrowing money for attorney fees in divorce, be careful about interest. Using credit cards or securing interest bearing loans may seem to be self-sufficient, but be aware that interest is not your friend. Accruing interest on attorney’s fees while divorce proceedings are underway adds a whole future burden during an already difficult time. If you need to secure additional funds, consider reaching out to family or close friends to see if agreements can be made that won’t impose an interest burden. Please contact our Affordable Limited Scope Santa Clara Divorce office today.

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