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US Divorce Rates at Their Lowest

According an article online, the national per capita divorce rate has declined steadily and is now at its lowest level since 1970. The numbers like any statistic can be analyzed in a myriad of ways. Some experts say divorces are down mainly because more couples live together without marrying. Other researchers contend that divorce rates are falling largely among college-educated couples, but not among less- educated couples.

The article cites several other interesting facts. The number of couples who live together without marrying has grown since 1960 and the marriage rate has dropped almost 30 percent in the last 25 years. Another interesting fact is that people are waiting almost 5 years longer to get married than people did in 1970. Some experts see this as a negative change because when unmarried couples who lived together and had children split, it can be much harder on the children to deal with the instability.

Other experts believe that the change in the rate of divorce means people are trying to make their marriage work. Some states have publicly funded marriage education campaigns.

One researcher who compared marriages from the early 1970s to those of the early ’90s, found that the rate of breakups within 10 years of marriage dropped by one-third among college-educated women.

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