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4 Tips for a More Peaceful Divorce

I came across a helpful article today. I think it contains good suggestions for couples seeking divorce or are going through one. Divorce is a difficult transition – approaching the process with the appropriate mindset is important to achieving the best result.

The first tip to consider when contemplating divorce is if it is the correct option. There are many pressures – financial, familial, career – that can bring discord into a marriage. Often times, when speaking to others in your circle of support, they may push or convince you toward divorce, but is that what you really want. Remember to communicate with your spouse, and explore any other possibilities up to and including divorce that could help with the issues you are facing.

The article goes on to mention the idea of mutual respect. Emotions run high in divorce proceedings, and hurt, distrust, and blame seem to abound to be spread around. It is normal to feel a range of emotions in your dissolution proceeding, but remember, letting emotions get out of control and lashing out at your to be ex-spouse can lead to lengthy litigation and high stress levels. Being mindful to approach the situation with mutual respect – sometimes even approaching feeling like you are being the “bigger person” -can help alleviate ill will and personal turmoil that comes along with divorce proceedings.

Another tip the article mentions that sometimes having a common ground goal, like agreeing to put the children as top priority, is effective in coming to terms in a divorce. No matter how much you dislike your spouse, you can both probably agree that you want one thing: a divorce. Often times couples can even agree that they are seeking an amicable resolution to their dissolution of marriage. Keeping in mind and being thoughtful about the common goals you do share in a dissolution will help move the process along; focusing on what you do not agree about can lead to long stalls, anger, and negative emotional consequences to everyone involved.

The final point the article makes is there are many avenues to seeking divorce without necessarily having to have a judge decide your issues. The prospect of seeking a dissolution can be a daunting and scary. Having an attorney explain all of your options, and eveb possibly helping you develop a tailored plan for your specific circumstances can certainly help focus your energy in seeking outcomes reasonably.

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