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7 Common Mistakes During Divorce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I found a great article about the issue of 7 common mistakes that parties make during a divorce.

Divorce is a life transition whose impact can be filled with negativity and uncertainty. I read this interesting article recently that discusses some of the issues to consider when preparing for divorce.

Of course, finding an attorney is a major part of the divorce process. In the article, it is pointed out that Google search results are often optimized and paid for placement. “Divorce factories” are a potential trap for many searching for an attorney. The implication made is these high-ranking search results can be predatory – a sort of turn and burn approach to family law. This is certainly excellent guidance to take into consideration in your own searches for the right family law attorney.

Advice is as good as its actual result. The internet is full of resources and opinions. This is no truer that for matters of law, family law included. The article points out that your divorce is very specific to your situation. Personalized, well-informed advice is something you should seek. Though the internet can be a great place to gain some views for questions for your attorney, the advice of strangers – anonymous ones at that – is something to be taken with a grain of salt.

The article goes on to discuss realistic expectations. Divorce can be an extremely and surprisingly emotional process. When these emotions become entangled with expectations of an outcome, there is often much room for struggle, disappointment, and anger. In the divorce process it is vital to keep emotions in perspective. As the writer of the article put so well “Emotions can easily take over and guide decisions which can lead to making significant mistakes.” Partly linked to the emotional component is the idea of honesty. Divorces bring up personal details that are often uncomfortable. Remember, your attorney is a professional, not there to judge you. Being open and honest with your attorney, and providing details, is how your attorney will be best able to manage your case for you. Your attorney is on your side. Withholding information, even if it is unsavory or uncomfortable, could be damaging to your outcome.

Further the idea of being open with your attorney is the notion of a full support team. It may be that your divorce, and you personally need expertise outside the specialization of a family law attorney. Example of such areas may be therapists, financial planners, CPAs, and a support network of friends and/or family. A full circle of support will include your attorney, but will not be limited to him/her. It is great to have a point person advocating for your cause; however, avoid the hazard of placing all of your focus on your attorney to meet all needs.

The last two points discussed in the article dovetail together quite well: knowing the facts, and listening to the right people. The facts are the most important component supporting the positive outcome of your situation. Beyond matters of honesty discussed previously, knowledge and awareness of financial situation are important. The article mentions that some people enter the divorce process uninformed or under-informed about the family’s financial situation. This can lead to expensive mistakes that render any outcome unsatisfactory. The final point made, listening to the right people, is self-explanatory, but includes an excellent point: “Just because you want a particular outcome doesn’t mean that the law will agree with you.”

All of this is great information to keep in mind when choosing an attorney and approaching your divorce with a level of confidence that will assure closure and peace with the outcome.

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