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Affordable and Cheap Divorce in California

Updated: Oct 17

Affordable and Cheap Divorce in California

I read a recent article in the Examiner regarding “obtaining a cheap divorce in California.” While I often tell potential clients that you usually get what you pay for, and a large part of my job is fixing the mistakes that clients make when they do it themselves. I understand that not every person is in a financial position to be able to afford an attorney. While I consider myself an affordable San Jose Divorce Lawyer, I am by no means cheap.

When clients inform me of their financial situation, I often tell them that there are many resources out there for those who can not afford to hire an attorney. I personally offer, Limited Scope Representation. There is the Pro Bono Project of Silicon Valley, and the self help center in the local court house. There are also many self help books in your local library. Good publishers are the Nolo line of books.

There are also things that one can do to make the divorce cheaper. The more that you can agree on, the cheaper the divorce will be. The article is interesting in that it gives common sense advice. Namely, that you will first need to agree on the essentials of the divorce, 1) property division, 2) child custody, and 3) child and spousal support. If you can get those agreements made that is the majority of the divorce there. If you need help on Affordable San Jose Divorce Lawyer, or from a San Jose Family Lawyer please contact my office today. I offer many affordable options, including Limited Scope Representation.

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