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Australian Court Rules Domestic Violence

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Family law matters, whether divorce, custody, or otherwise, can be emotionally taxing in the best of situations. What, however, if there is domestic abuse involved? This would of course seem to push the limits of toleration for anyone.

I came across an article recently that discusses domestic violence in the scope of legal proceedings in family law. In Australia, members of parliament are considering legislation that will prevent victims of domestic violence from being cross-examined by the accused perpetrator of abuse. Of important note is that in the United States and California this is not the rule. The California San Jose Milpitas, Hayward, domestic violence Family Law courts allow cross examination of the accusers to determine their veracity.

The article outline’s one woman’s experience and pain as she was cross-examined by an individual who had been ordered by the court to stay away from her.

When domestic violence becomes a part of the equation in divorce or custody proceedings, having an attorney who can assist you through the process can be paramount to achieving a result with the least anguish possible. Laws are complex surrounding divorce/custody when domestic violence is involved. Be sure you are well informed, and seek representation.

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