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Top Tips on Preparation for a San Jose / Sunnyvale / Bay Area Dissolution

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

How do you prepare for divorce? Divorce is not something people plan for as habit – it is a situation that arises. Approaching divorce in a proactive as opposed to reactive way can soften many of the blows that make divorce such a difficult process.

I came across and article today that touches on some of the most important factors in the process of seeking a divorce. Of course, the initial point is to really consider if divorce is what you are truly wanting. Reflection, introspection, and some soul-searching will help determine if this is the step you want to make, without hesitation, and with some resolve.

Once you have reconciled your decision to seek divorce, it is important to do your research. Laws and timelines surrounding divorces vary widely state to state. You want to be at least basically informed about what the process overall may look like. Once you have some idea of that, researching your options for an attorney is something worth devoting time to. Each divorce is unique; and like doctors opinions, consulting a few attorneys may give you a better picture of what the underlying challenges ahead in divorce can be.

Preparation should also include information gathering. The more information you can have available for your attorney easily, the faster and potentially less expensive the process may be. Bank statements, tax returns, credit card bills, mortgage information, loan information, pay stubs, credit reports, etc. will all be very useful not only in expediting the process of divorce, but also in planning for a future budget. As a part of this inspection of your finances, it is also important to look into any joint credit/bank accounts that need to be closed. Letting these types of accounts linger can be a huge headache.

The article also touches on a very important point that is often overlooked. Your attorney is there for legal advice and to assist you through the mechanics of divorce. An attorney is not a counselor. Divorce is an emotional period of your life. Separating emotion from fact is important to making sound decisions in a divorce. Seeking counseling may be beneficial throughout the whole process.

The last point the article touches on is self-care. It is far too easy to get swept up in the emotions and process of divorce. Be sure to take time to step back, and find some time to do good things for yourself.

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