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Father's Rights and Lesbian Partners

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The new world issue of alternative families and the intersection of the old family code is causing some changes to the law.

I read this interesting article today about LGBTQ rights in paternity considerations.  In the article, a sperm donor Father later wished to exert parental rights after previously agreeing to be a sperm donor only. The parties all agreed without formalities of the law. After the child was born, the sperm donor father had a change of heart and filed court papers to have access to the child.

A New York Appeals court ruled in favor of a lesbian couple against the right of the biological father to have consideration for time share of the child. 

The article goes on to discuss the rulings in different states, and the standards applied.  For instance, some states rely on the pregnancy being initiated in a formal medical setting and not an in-home procedure.  With the waters being tested in the courts no in regard to same sex parents’ rights, this raises interesting issues.  Custody issues are complex, and the fairly new introduction of same sex couple marriages can be confusing to the courts if cases are not presented adequately.

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