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Child Custody Litigation Tips

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I recently found some interesting tips regarding child custody when reading an article online. This particular article was regarding child custody in Texas, but many of the tips can be applied and are useful for everyone in other states, even in San Jose and California. In Texas, it’s required for divorcing parents to try to reach a custody agreement through mediation before to going to trial. Remember the standard for any child custody litigation is what is the best interests of the child. This allows the parties to find a solution that puts their children first. According to the article, here are the recommended tips:

1. Look for the guidance of a qualified attorney – an attorney will understand your states laws and can help interpret them for you. Oftentimes, when one attempts to interpret the laws themselves, there are so many exceptions and misunderstandings that they can do more damage to their case.

2. Do research on your own- the best solution is to seek counsel from an attorney, but you should also take the initiative to do research. The local county law library is a good place to start. Additionally, there are many publishers of self help books on the market to assist you in self representation.

3. Use the Internet – the web has tons of information. Try using a social network or forum to talk about custody topics with your peers. They could offer useful, non-legal advice that can help you with your custody case.

4. Be open to working with your ex- You need to work together to make important decisions in raising your children. Until the child turns 18, you two are going to have to cooperate to raise your child. It’s best to understand that, you can never detach yourself from your ex if you have a child together.

5. Put your children’s interests before yours- This shows the court and your ex that you want to be an important part of your children’s lives. Remember, the standard by most courts is that what is the best interest of the child. Please remember that if nothing else.

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