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Child Custody Rising Support for Joint Custody

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

According to a recent article, new studies show that the public favors equal custody of children whose parents have divorced.

According to the article, researchers cite polls and ballot initiatives which showed there was great public support for equal custody. Also, the majority of those who responded to surveys said they believe equally divided time was appropriate even when there were high levels of parental conflict for which both parents were equally to blame. Survey participants were asked to imagine they were a judge deciding on several hypothetical cases. In one case, the mother provided 75 percent of the couple’s pre-divorce child care-giving duties. In another, the father provided 75 percent of the couple’s pre-divorce child care-giving duties. And, in the third, the parental couple was described as having divided the pre-divorce child care 50-50.

The article goes on to say that the American family law system may be flawed in it’s over representation of custody awards going to motherse and father’s not being awarded a fair share of custodial time. The article seems to advocate for the state legislators across the country to change the family laws in different states to reflect the public preference for joint and equal custodial time with the children.

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