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Custody Schedules Look to Children's Happiness

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I have been mentioning for some time now that modern custody schedules no longer favor one parent over the other. I read a great article about the changing faces of custody and visitation schedules.

The article mentions a set of parents that takes part in a newer type of custody schedule called “nesting”. The parents in that matter purchased and kept a house together as the child’s house after their divorce. The house has two master suites for each of the parents. During the two week periods, each parent will move back into their room and take part in parenting the child.

The innovative schedule works for some families and it allows the child to have an overall sense of stability because their household is stable. It may seem strange when compared to older custody schedules, but it is on trend with what experts believe custody arrangements should do, which is to focus primarily on the child’s best interests.

In California the best interest of the child standard is the standard by which all custody schedules are judged. The court will examine a schedule through the lens of what is best for the particular child.

Back in older times, the traditional schedule was that Mothers would automatically be granted primary custody and Father’s would visit on alternate weekends and alternate Wednesdays.

According to the article that isn’t the case anymore because the studies have shown that children do better and are better adjusted when they shared joint custody.

The article goes on to mention that so called nesting schedules posed some challenges. The issue of cleaning the household and chores was problematic. Some parents reported that they never knew what condition the house would be left in when they arrived for their scheduled visitation.

Not every parent agrees to nesting and some parents even take it further and continue to share the household as roommates even though they are divorced. The families even shared meals together and were able to be friendly while maintaining a roommate type relationship. It works for some families and the children as long as they are happy can often do really well.

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