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Divorce and the Professional Athlete

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

An article I read today says that even pro-athletes can not escape from the stresses of divorce. An estimated sixty to eighty percent of pro-athletes file for divorce. The media seems to blame stress infidelity as the main culprit, but the main reason is the lifestyle is not conducive to a family. There is the constant traveling and absence from family and stress of competition.

Many times, athletes identify themselves through their career and when it comes time to retire or leave that career they become lost and discontented. A divorce takes a toll on both parties and often times they will need to come to terms with the financial consequences that follow, such as attorney’s fees, accounting fees, and splitting up the assets. These financial woes can cause a significant lowering of their standard of living, since it is cheaper to live as a family than to support two households. This financial stress can really harm an athletes performance on the field. This will in turn affect their contracts in the future.

The article recomends some solutions to the problem. One of them is prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements are an important tool to pro-athletes or anyone with significant assets. They can be difficult to discuss with your significant other, but are well worth the temporary stress. Additionally, counseling when the athlete retires from the game can help with readjusting to family life and continuing the family tradition.

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