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Divorce During the Holidays

Updated: Oct 17

Divorce During the Holidays

Divorce during the Holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah can be a highly stressful time for newly divorced or those going through a divorce. An interesting article gives some tips for surviving the holidays for divorced couples.

The problem is that many people going through it can feel overwhelmed with the emotions of having to remember the prior family life.

Additionally, the new schedule for visitation or custody with the children can be awkward and difficult. If your ex spouse has the children for the holidays then you should make plans to spend it with friends or family to keep yourself occupied. It's never a good idea to mope around the house.

If you're facing a divorce please don't go through it alone. An experienced attorney can help you. I handle divorces in my San Jose Family Lawyer office. Sunnyvale Child Custody Attorney.

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