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Divorce News of the Weird: No Sex? No Divorce for You!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

In previous postings, I've blogged about the demand for a kidney or the demand for a $100mil shopping spree as settlements for divorce. This time around, we have a weird case for grounds for divorce out of Seoul, South Korea.

According to a report in the Korea Times, a court has refused to accept a divorce filing by a married man who has not had sex with his wife in 10 years. The couple had married in May 1999 and had attempted to have sexual relations shortly thereafter but failed and, since then, have maintained a physically platonic relationship.

In 2007, the then 35-year old husband filed for divorce accusing his wife of refusing to have sex with him for no justifiable reason. However, the Seoul Family Court denied the claim, citing no direct evidence that the wife did not want to have intimacy. "Despite the sexless life, the husband did not complain until January 2007, and since then, has not provided any physical or periodical opportunity for his wife to normalize their relations. Also, she has shown a strong desire to restore relations.''

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