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Helpful College Tips for Divorced and Separated Familes

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Getting a divorce and want to set-up a college account for your children? I’ve found an article that offers helpful tips towards doing just that. Now that there are two households, the decisions regarding how to plan for a child’s college costs can be daunting.

1. Negotiate now the set-up of the account(s) now- Per the article, it’s best to set-up a base now and revisit the issue if needed in the future. At least something will be there when college rolls around. The decision making regarding the college costs can possibly prolong the divorce, but it may prove to be money well spent in legal fees, rather than going forward without a plan or order in place for the college bound child.

2. Secure the college fund- If you have already saves money for college, make sure it can’t be used for anything other than your child’s education. The article encourages readers to place any available funds into college funds as soon as possible to ear mark them for the child’s education.

3. Strategize about who fills out aid form- Forms are usually required for financial aid. Figure out who and how the forms can be completed. If there are any legal questions you may have, I encourage you to, please contact my San Jose Divorce Lawyers office. My San Jose Family Lawyer offices assists many people who are going through family law related issues. We have many Affordable San Jose Divorce Lawyer solutions for many different budgets. We help many individuals through this very chaotic period in their life. Proudly serving the following cities, Fremont, Milpitas, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Mountain View, and Santa Clara.

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