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More Women Paying Santa Clara County San Jose Spousal Support

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Alimony is a word that is not well received when discussing divorce. Most people balk at the mere mention of spousal support. This territory has been, traditionally, the area of concern for men. This, however, is changing.

In an article I found today, a recent survey of 1,650 lawyers found that 54% have seen an uptick in the number of females paying alimony over the past few years. The article discusses the bafflement of a few women who could not believe they were on the hook for spousal support payments. Alimony does not consider gender in its calculation or award. It is important when seeking divorce to be not only prepared with the financial documents needed to corroborate income and assets, but also to have an attorney who can help you understand what the potential spousal support consequences may be.

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