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New York Divorcee Gets Heart Broken and Demands Kidney in Return

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Property division to determine who gets what is a common part of filing for divorce, but what if one of those assets included a human organ? That's what one divorcee in New York is seeking according to a Yahoo news article.

Richard Batista, a Long Island surgeon, donated one of his kidneys to his wife 8 years ago, only to subsequently accuse her of cheating and then filing for divorce. After having his heart ripped out, Batista is now demanding the return of a kidney organ he donated to her -- or $1.5 million in compensation. How do you value the price of a human organ?

Most property division in my Santa Clara Family Law office is not as complex as this case. Property division is usually a cut and dry, numbers process. Most people are aware that California is a Community Property State.

Not sure about what property you are entitled to in a divorce? My San Jose property division law offices can transplant our knowledge to you and help you with an equitable division of property, saving one from a divorce costing an arm or a leg. (or kidney?)

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