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No Longer the 7 Year Itch. How bout 5 Years?

Updated: Oct 17

No Longer the 7 Year Itch. How bout 5 Years?

Apparently as our faced paced society goes faster, and faster towards what we know not. Was it inevitable that the classic cliche of the 7 year itch would become more fast and streamlined as well? As the Independent is report, the 7 year itch according to studies is no longer 7. Its now closer to 5.

Most divorces apparently occur from the 5 to 10 year mark, when couples realize after the honeymoon period, that they just can't stand to live with their spouse till death do us part.

I guess this isn't ground breaking news, but perhaps another dent into the already faded visage that Americans hold onto of the 'good ole days'.

I tend to believe that these shifts in society are nothing to be alarmed at. With the internet and information abundant, people realize that life is too short to live in an unhappy and unfulfilled marriage. Unfortunately though, many people put more thought into what they are going to wear and what the china patterns will be, than who this person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, really is. The study says that the older the couple marry the more likely they will stay together. More affirmation that theres no harm in waiting and taking thing slow.

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