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Things to Avoid when Getting a Santa Clara County Divorce

I read a great article on mistakes people make when going to court in a divorce. The number one mistake listed is going to court without a lawyer. Family law is a niche and complicated area, and the courts can be confusing and difficult to navigate with all of the forms and requirements. Knowing what to expect, being prepared for the process, and having and understanding of timeline and deadlines is crucial to an effective and manageable divorce. Can you do it alone? You may be able to; however, there is a very real possibility that going it alone can result in either creating a big mess that will cost you more to have a lawyer fix down the road, or result in a bad outcome for you. As the article says, if you don’t retain a lawyer, at least speak to some before going Pro Se (i.e. self-represented).

The article then goes on to basically focus about preparedness. Not having your documents together, not have all the documents you need, or fumbling in court to provide them are all very costly mistakes. The courts are face paced, and do not relent for you to search around for something you know you have but cannot find in a timely (in this case almost immediately) fashion. Incomplete or inadequate paperwork and records is also another mistake many people make, and one that is avoidable with the representation of an experienced family attorney.

The article also talks about etiquette and attitude. It is always, and I mean ALWAYS, a bad idea to interrupt a judge. Being interrupted while speaking is a rude annoyance for anyone, but interrupting the person who is deciding the process of your divorce is a monumental mistake. Being polite also extends to the court room clerks and deputies as well. This segues well into the last mistake listed which is: being angry. Understandably, emotions can be running high and tense in divorce proceedings at court. Expressing your anger in tone, words, or action is going to seriously hinder how seriously your concerns may be heard, no matter how justified the anger or legitimate the concern.

This brings us back to point one: it is a mistake to go into divorce without a lawyer. Having someone who is your advocate to hep you through the process will prevent the common mistakes that so often cause people’s divorces to get out of control.

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