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Tips for Child Custody and Divorced Parents

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I know the holidays have come and gone, but I thought I would write a little about an article I found about the holidays, children, and divorce. It’s especially interesting because some of the tips can be applied and considered throughout the year.

When parents divorce, it is highly important that the children remain children. In order to do that, parents are encouraged to set and maintain healthy boundaries for their children. The process can be difficult but will encourage everyone to eventually heal from the divorce.

The holiday season can be stressful for many of us, particularly for those who are divorced. The article offers an important piece of information- the holidays are the best present parents can give their children. Some of the tips offered by the article are:

1. Create a supportive bond with your ex-spouse. Whatever feelings you may against your ex-spouse remember the needs of your children come first.

2. Maintain the role of being a parent with your child. Never disparage your ex-spouse or ask your children to be messengers between the two feuding parents. When you say negative things about the other parent, children often feel caught in the middle sometimes may even feel resentful toward you for putting them in that spot.

3. Keep the details you give your children limited and age-appropriate when talking to them about your ex-spouse or the divorce. Children need don’t need to know about all of the day to day adult problems you are experiencing from the divorce.

4. Maintain as much normalcy and consistency as possible by keeping regular routines, rules and expectations at both households.

5. Recognize when your children need extra assistance to deal with their feelings. Counseling and support from a trusted adult will allow your children to express their feelings in a safe environment and develop healthy coping skills.

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