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Tips on Self Care During Contested Family Law Cases

I came across this article today that touches on an important issue in divorce. The process of a dissolution action is complicated and emotional. Your attorney can help guide you in understanding the mechanics and process of divorce and help build a legal strategy. What an attorney CANNOT do is help your self-care and emotional wellbeing.

This article specifically focuses on a big issue of stress and sleep disturbance. Waking up and falling into a cycle of obsessive thinking in the middle of the night can lead to fatigue that further feeds overall distress when coping through the process of dissolution. Mindfulness, meditation, and breathing are cited as examples of techniques that can help alleviate this negative pattern.

Being mindful of your self care and seeking professionals and resources to support your mental health can be not only important but also extremely helpful in divorce. Consider asking your attorney for references. They work with mental health professionals for custody matters routinely, and whether you have children or not, your attorney can be a good referral source for individual therapy resources as well.

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