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Alienation of Affection and Suing Other Woman.

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I recently read a interesting article where a wife sued the “other woman” in an archaic law called alienation of affection caues of action.

Often times, when a couple separate or divorce there is someone else in the picture. According to the article seven states allow you to sue the woman or man you believe cause the demise of your marriage.

This very law (known as “alienation of affection”) helped a woman win $9,000,000! It was reported that the idea dates back to common law, when a wife was considered property that could be stolen. And although some find this law archaic, the woman, Cynthia Shackelford, was able to recover $5 million in compensatory damages and $4 million in punitive damages.

An interesting twist is that the husband, Allan Shackelford, claims Cynthia wanted to divorce him at least two years before he began a relationship with Anne Lundquist. However, Cynthia states that didn’t believe her husband was cheating on her because she trusted him and he had told her he was just friends with Anne Lundquist, the other woman. Cynthia says she sued Lundquist because, “she’s the one that came in between us as far as her luring ways, and which I had plenty of proof from e-mails, phone records, spending, that she alienated him from me. She used work and other ways to get in and get friendly with him, and it’s like those Lifetime movies or whatever that you see that she just worked her way.” Lundquist has said she doesn’t have $9 million to pay Cynthia Shackelford and is currently appealing the decision.

Fortunately in California we have a no fault divorce policy. That means that the divorce can happen for any reason and there is no fault attributed to the divorce. Even if a party cheats and flaunts that cheating there is nothing legally that can happen due to the cheating.

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