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Co-Parenting for Divorced Families

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I have written before about the benefits of co-parenting classes. I found another great article touting the benefits of co-parenting class for saving the family relationship during a divorce. The family in the article were too busy being angry at each other to notice that their children were acting out and becoming depressed by the constant battling. They went from a period of restraining order against one another to now having family movie nights or going to soccer games together. The change has been dramatic.

The co parenting class teaches the parents to parent when they are no longer living together. The change is drastic enough that parents often need advice on how to navigate the challenges of the process. Another big thing the classes teach is to stop criticizing the other parent in front of the children. When a parent bad mouths the other parent in front of the children it creates a situation where the children feel as if they need to take sides. The creates much tension for the children and leads to behavioral problems. The article gave 4 tips for co-parenting. 1) Be respectful: Put your own feelings aside and remember that treating your ex well is the same as treating your child well. 2) Support your child’s relationship with the other parent. 3) Consistently put your child first. It’s not their fault. 4) Get some support yourself. The best gift you can give your kids is to be healthy.

I am a San Jose Divorce Lawyer, if you have any questions please contact my office. I also practice as a Sunnyvale Family Law Attorney.

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