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Credit cards and Divorce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

It appears the PRLog is reporting what many people in the divorce business know already, financial strain is the primary cause of divorce for most couples.

It appears that the article compiled a list of the top six financial mistakes that may ruin a marriage. They are:

“1. Merging Finances 2. Having too much personal debt before getting married 3. Disagreement on spending and saving 4. Not investing wisely/No retirement 5. Not letting the spouse know about unnecessary spending 6. Not planning for Emergencies “

In my opinion I think couples should start out slowing in merging their worlds. A marriage is a union, but it should not be rushed into it, it took a life time to build up your seperate identity, lets not rush into merging them.

If you have any San Jose Divorce questions, I have a Santa Clara County Family Law office that is available to discuss any Family Law questions you may have.

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