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Difficulties in Same Sex DIvorce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

This is a topic I’ve written about several times before in my blog. The patchwork of laws out there are proving very difficult for same sex married couples to get divorced. If you thought getting married for a gay couple was difficult, think again. Gay divorce is proving to be very difficult legally for many couples as I found when reading an article recently.

Many gay and lesbian couples are fighting for the right to divorce. Because most states, and the federal government, don’t recognize gay marriages, many same-sex couples are left with no way to officially split. For states that do recognize gay marriage, gay divorce is still difficult because gay marriages aren’t recognized by the federal government or the IRS.

The article gives the example of an out-of-state couple who goes to Massachusetts to marry, or a couple who lives in-state and then moves away. If they are out-of-state or move from the state after marriage, they can’t divorce in Massachusetts because they’d have to be a resident for at least a year. And to further complicate the matter, if the couple’s home state doesn’t recognize gay marriage, they can’t divorce there either.

Many couples who want to split are forced to wonder if remarriage would be considered polygamy, what the other party’s property claim would be, or how they will solve custody issues.

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