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Divorce Survival Tips

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

A very good story in the Chicago Tribune about Divorce Survival tips today. Here is the list of tips that the article cites. They are written by a counselor who counsels clients working through a divorce. No doubt divorce can be a traumatizing and emotionally devastating time in someone life. These tips can help you get through it as comfortable as possible:

–Talk about your problems with someone outside of work. –Compartmentalize. –Try to schedule your court dates convenient to your work schedule. –Give your employer adequate notice when you have to miss work. . –Don’t communicate with your attorney during work, except in the event of an emergency. –Don’t communicate with your soon-to-be former spouse during work, except in the event of an emergency. –Don’t use the copier at work to copy litigation papers. –Don’t inadvertently involve your employer in your litigation. –Don’t use your office computer for personal use. . –Don’t ask your employer to reduce your pay during a divorce for any reason. –Focus on work and your work priorities, but with a twist: Keep your focus short and intense. –Conserve your energy. –Make note of abuse.

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