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Does a More Stable Economy Equal Rising Divorces??

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Now that our economy seems to be steadily recovering does this mean that the divorce rate will be on the rise? According to a recent article this may be so.

According to the article, several recent studies do seem to suggest that the divorce rate will increase as couples become more financially secure. According to the article, a spike in divorces is directly connected to the economic recovery.

The article suggests that during the Great Depression the rate of divorce decreased approximately twenty-five percent. Apparently the economic troubles caused couples to wait things out until they were financially stable. The same thing appears to be happening now. A recent study has found that the divorce rate dropped significantly during the recession and is now beginning to rise again due to the improving economy. The exact impact of increased financial security in California is unknown, but couples throughout the state may now be seriously considering moving forward with separation and/or divorce.

The family law article also describes the three ways to end a marriage in California:

1. Divorce ends the marriage or partnership. Irreconcilable differences is the main reason cited for a divorce.

2. A legal separation. This is not a divorce, but a judge can make decisions regarding custody, child support and property division without officially granting a divorce. Neither individual can remarry after receiving a legal separation since the parties are still technically married still.

3. Annulment. An annulment is granted when the court finds the marriage or partnership is not legally valid. The parties are asking the Court to void their marriage.

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