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Helpful Divorce Settement Negotiation Tips

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Thinking about divorce, negotiation, or mediation? I came across a good article that might offer some tips in negotiating your settlement.

When it comes to be time for your divorce you may be angry. Don’t get upset. An attorney can assess your situation and discuss your options. Going to court and having a judge decide your case should be a last resort for couples who are divorcing. It is exhausting and can become quite expensive not to mention the uncertainty of having a 3rd party decide your fate is a gamble. Not just that, but your soon to be ex-spouse is more likely to be cooperative with something that was agreed to rather then an order imposed by the court that they didn’t agree to.

Negotiating a settlement is a great way to go. It is much better if a settlement can be reached out of court. Let your attorney negotiate for you; don’t try to do it yourself. A professional in family law practice has the experience in these matters that can help you achieve your goals. Be prepared that you may not get everything you want.

Here are some tips the article gives on how to get the best outcome from negotiations:

• Set your priorities. • Know what you are willing to be flexible on and what you are not willing to be flexible on. • Be realistic. • Ignore any ugliness from your spouse. • If your spouse makes an offer to settle, talk about your options in private with your attorney. • If you negotiate your own settlement, get legal advice before you sign anything.

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