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Immigrants, Domestic Violence, and Restraining Orders

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I just read a great article concerning the plight of new immigrants to the US and the problem of domestic violence at home. Often times the abuser is the husband and the wife who in many traditional cultures relies on the husband for support, is left with few resources. The women suffer in silence, and there are threats that keep the women in the abusive relationship. For many of the women, the abuser threatens them with deportation. For others, the abuser threatens to take the children away from the victim. Then for many others, the stigma of being divorced or being a victim of abuse, prevents them from seeking help.

According to the story, there is a clear lack of education concerning the domestic violence process as it relates to family law. Many victims are not aware of the resources out there who can assist them in leaving their abusive spouse and filing to obtain a restraining order to protect themselves. A restraining order can be a powerful tool for the victim of domestic violence to protect against future attacks and to prevent the victim from being intimidated by the abuser. In my office, I represent victims of domestic violence in restraining order hearings in Santa Clara County and San Jose Restraining Order. I also represent accused in restraining order hearings in Sunnyvale, and Bay Area.

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