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Issues of Domestic Violence in Rural Areas

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I read a great article about the issues that domestic partners or intimate partners may experience while living in rural areas.

The article mentions that places in Wyoming or rural areas of Colorado where the place that people choose to live to get away from civilization often result in secrecy for victims.

While domestic violence is not relegated to only women, the article mentions that in Wyoming there are hundreds of women who are abused by their partner.

The article states that poverty, lack of transportation, and affordable housing as all contributing to intimate partners being unable to leave a violent situation.

The article sites a statistic from the CDC, that about one in three women and one and four men have been physically abused by a partner in their lifetime.

Some of the tactics that abusers might employ are keep the victim quiet so that nobody will know about the violence. Additionally, they will undermine the victim by using humiliation and name calling. They will often blame the victim for the violence. All of these tactics serve to keep the victim in the relationship.

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