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Navigating Summer Timeshare and Divorce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

When going through your plans for the summer, navigating the complicated schedules and short time periods can be difficult to say the least. When you are divorced make it doubly difficult. Trying to make summer time plans for the kids? It can be complicated if your divorced and trying to work out plans for the summer. It’s hard to coordinate! Here are some tips and an article I recently found offers some advice:

1. Start communicating early. Talk with your ex about things you feel you may want to plan. Find out what they want to do to. Get a sense of how you best accomodate everyone early on without power struggles.

2. Ask everyone what their priorities are (the kids, the ex, etc.). What do they just have to do this summer? What’s not so important on their list? This helps everyone understand that they probably won’t get everything they want, but also let’s them know what they want is important and was heard.

3. Get your information together. After you’ve thought about compromises to accomodate everyone start to gather the logisitics on how to make it work. Call the places up and gather more information to see if the plan might work.

4. Don’t let your kids make plans without talking to your ex first, and don’t make your ex look like the “bad guy” if the activity doesn’t work out. Be sympathetic, but not apologetic.

5. Put yourself in the other family’s shoes. Compromise. If the ex wants to take your kids to the ex-in-laws then let them. It’s just as important as letting the children visit your own family.

6. Propose a plan. This one goes without saying, make a plan and see give an offer. If your ex sense that their desires are taken into consideration they may just accept your offer. So good luck and happy summer.

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