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Parenting Courses and Divorce, Family Law

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I found a great article today about parenting classes in divorce custody battles. The article stresses how it really changed the dynamics of a couples child after the parenting course. The child originally went from being scared to being calm again during the custody visitation.

Some of the things that the parenting course teaches the parent is, children must remain children and not act as adults in the relationship. Another important lesson is that the child needs both parents in their life. One parent should never use the child as a battle ground to hurt the other parent.

During divorces in the 60’s and 70’s there was often a standard custody arrangement. Custody went to the mother and fathers visited every other weekend. That was the standard arrangement then. Now with the increased focus on cooperation and parties finding greater time with the children, the arrangements are limitless.

In Santa Clara County parenting classes are often ordered in cases of domestic violence. But if there is a dispute over custody the parties first step is to go to parenting orientation prior to mediation. More extensive parenting courses will come into place upon request or more of a court finding for a need for them. If you have any San Jose Family Lawyer questions, I am an attorney that practices in Santa Clara County. I am a Milpitas Divorce Lawyer.

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