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Social Networking Affecting Divorce Rates

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I read an article today in which social networking sites are being blamed for causing many couples to separate or divorce. The article states that marriage counselors claim sites like Facebook are contributing to separations and divorce as 40-50 somethings attempt to reconnect with childhood sweethearts. A British divorce firm claimed that Facebook was cited in one-fifth of the divorce petitions it processed last year.

The article cited a family relationship expert as saying that one partner may deny their online behavior has been any sort of problem. She also said the lack of research on the effect of online behavior on relationships was surprising, considering the widespread use of social networking. Another relationship expert said that while the Internet had made it easier to reconnect with lost loves, people ultimately had to take responsibility for their actions.

Reading through some of the comments made by readers of the article I felt most had valid opinions, but I think zoobie555 said it best when they stated, “There are far worse sites that are actually centered around finding extramarital partners, and facebook is just a tool. You could blame phones for breaking up marriages in decades past, email, bars, high school reunions, or even church.”

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