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Spousal Support / Alimony when Sharing a Residence

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

According to a recent article, The South Carolina Supreme Court has decided that couples seeking a divorce must live apart in order for one spouse to seek support.

In the great economic recession that the United States is under, it just makes it that much harder to obtain a divorce. Supporting two households is presently impossible for millions of Americans. This decision comes at a time when many couples in the process of divorce are choosing to live together due to their financial situation or lack of employment.

The article sites a case in which a woman was seeking support from her husband of thirty years while still living in the same home. Her request was denied because she was still living with her ex-husband. Many people simply do not have the funds to just set up their own household and for some; this is why they seek support.

In South Carolina couples seeking a no-fault divorce with neither party citing infidelity nor abuse must live apart for a year to seek support. In South Carolina it is believed that if the two people can live together, then there must be a relationship that to be salvaged. If one party moves out immediately, it is believed that they must really not be able to stand each other. Because of this, a physical separation for monetary support is now required. In a state such as this, it is very beneficial not to be financially dependent on the other person.

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