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The Dating Scene After a Divorce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I recently read an article about men getting back into the dating scene after divorce. Getting back into the dating scene after a divorce can be fun, humbling, and scary. In this article, the author provides interesting advice after counseling hundreds of men throughout the divorce process. The advice given ranges from everything from breaking the news to the kids to choosing an attorney to whether to use a dating service.

One piece of advice they offer is not to rush back into dating. Men will often rush into dating and look at women as an antidote for the pain their divorce caused. The authors say it’s best to face the pain on your own before seeking a potential mate.

The article poses several questions for the newly divorced as a way to tell if you are on the road to healing is if the respondent can say yes to some of the following questions:

•Can you consider the possibility of dating a woman without anger ?

•Have you moved on from being preoccupied with thoughts of your previous marriage or the divorce?

•Can you tolerate living on your own?

•Have you reconnected with people, in some concrete ways?

The article further states that the dating world has changed quite a bit since you were last on the market — texting, social networking and online dating sites may not have even existed when you last dated. It suggests that the newly divorced try to familiarize yourself with the new ways of meeting people, the authors say, but don’t feel pressured to use technology in which you have no interest.

Other helpful suggestions are to do things you know you love, like joining a hiking group or volunteering. Try something you know you’ll have fun with, and if you meet a woman, that’s just an extra.

The article further states that if you meet a woman online or through friends, she’ll probably already know that you’re divorced. But if she doesn’t know, put it out there early. Don’t be afraid of baggage and be yourself. You think you need to avoid other divorcees or even only date other divorcees, but don’t.

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