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Tips for Men Going Through Santa Clara County Family Law Divorce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I read a very interesting article about some tips for men as they go through a San Jose / Santa Clara County Family Law Divorce. The link to the article is here.

The article mentions 12 tips, but the tips that I find the most helpful when going through a San Jose /Santa Clara County Child Custody Matter are as follows.

1. Don’t jump into a new relationship until the old one is sufficiently cleared. That may seem like an obvious tip, but the article mentions that too often the old relationship hasn’t gotten cold yet and new relationships are cemented. The article states that the damaged you is not going to be the same person as the healed you months later.

2. Keeping the focus on the children at all times. It is very difficult when going through contested litigation for a Child Custody / Visitation matter to lose sight of that and personalize attacks on your ex spouse. The article advises parents to first and foremost recognize that the other parent is and always will be a very important part of your children’s lives. The article states that you should treat your relationship with them as a business relationship, professional, and cordial at all times.

3. Give yourself one hour a day to think about your divorce. It can be hard to focus on all of the present things that need attention during a divorce. But if you don’t have to, the article advises you to give yourself 1 hour tops to dwell on your divorce. If you catch yourself wandering off about your divorce the article mentions pushing that 1 hour allotment to the evening times. Often times you may forget to use that allotment of time and you will go longer and longer periods without over thinking about your divorce.

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