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Tips to Selecting a Santa Clara Divorce Lawyer

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I read an interesting article today that I think my clients could find useful in avoiding mistakes when picking the right attorney for divorce. There are three major areas the article touches on. I’ve broken them down below:

1. Cost: Choosing an attorney for divorce proceedings is a major, important decision. As the article discusses, though budget is important, this should not override reasonableness in choosing an attorney. The art lice points out that many people choose low cost over quality. This, as you probably imagine, can lead to unsatisfactory results. This is not to say that the most expensive attorneys out there are going to provide you ultimately better results (something the article neglects to mention), but the spirit of the point being made here is that cost limiting, corner cutting is one of the major mistakes people can make in finding the correct attorney.

2. Research: Like any major choice in life, research should inform decision making. The article mentions that “boutique law firms” are experts in their field. It goes on to state that such firms specializing in a particular area – in this case family law for divorce - tend to be the most experienced in the field, and have extensive working knowledge of local rules.

3. Red Flags: The article discuses some of the things that should make you run when considering an attorney. Flat Fee is one of the things the article discusses, stating though this seems like a savvy way to limit costs, domestic relations cases vary in circumstances and complexity. The article goes on at some length about the disadvantages of flat fee arrangements, saying at great length what can be put simply: Any attorney who promises you an outcome is a red flag. Divorces are complicated matters, and as the case proceeds, there may be many situations, including but not limited to separations of assets, and custody arrangements, which can result in needs for additional attention, time, and resource input from your attorney. These are unpredictable situations; nobody, including your attorney, can assure outcomes entirely.

Giving attention to these three major areas when selecting your attorney will benefit you in achieving an outcome with which you can be at peace with and confident was achieved by the best means.

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